Chaos Constructions 2020 Winter

21 февраля 2020,
18:00 -
23 февраля 2020,
Saint-Petersburg, Raivola Hotel, Roschino

Chaos Constructions 2020 Winter is coming

Visit winter Russia February 21-23 with a very simple free e-visa for EU citizens!

Meet your friends and enjoy demoscene competitions, chiptune music acts and demoshows on oldest Russian winter demoparty!

Participate in a competition for the best old-school invitation to the summer edition of Chaos Constructions 2020 (22-23 August) or take part in thematic realtime coding, graphics and music compos at Raivola hotel in Roschino!

General rules:

  • your entry must invite people to participate in Chaos Constructions Summer 2020 (22-23 August)
  • deadline for invitation competitions entries is 20 February 2020
  • themes for realtime competitions will be announced on 21 February 2020
  • deadline for realtime compos 24 hours after the announcement 
  • your invitation can be released at any party before the deadline or be new
  • any real hardware allowed, reference video of entry provided by the author
  • size of unpacked entry must be less than 1GB
  • you don't have to be present at the party to participate in competitions


  • invitation executable - create executable intro or demo
  • invitation graphics - create graphics image in any technique
  • invitation music - create a sound module in any format
  • realtime basic one scene demo - write one scene demo in basic
  • realtime graphics - create graphics image in any technique
  • realtime music - create a music module in any format
  • realtime 53c - create an image in 53c format
  • shader showdown - 25-minute shader coding match to qualify for Revision



Tickets and rooms from 21.02.2020 18:00 to 23.02.2020 16:00. For more options and staff, please click the "Опции" button. Please enter your real name. This is necessary for booking a room. If the name differs from the name in the passport reservation will be refused, and the funds will not be returned.

Silver, Gold and Platinum - donation or sponsor packets.

Entry ticket (approx 15 €)
от 1000 ₽
Silver Partner
20000 ₽
Gold Partner
40000 ₽
Platinum Partner
80000 ₽
0 ₽


Место проведения

Saint-Petersburg, Raivola Hotel, Roschino


- Public transportation - car sharing, taxi.
- Minibus taxi K680. Departure from the metro station "Prospect Prosveshcheniya". Estimated travel time is 200 minutes.
- Bus No. 679 from the Parnas metro station. Estimated travel time is 160 minutes.

- Electric trains.
From Finland Station to the Roshchino platform. Vyborg direction (electric trains to Vyborg, Kirillovskoye, Cannellarve). Travel time is 1 hour.

- Personal transport.
GPS coordinates 60 ° 15’59.77 ”N 29 ° 36’14.02” BD. Forum participants are provided with free secure parking on site.


Chaos Constructions Team